St. Paul (Town)

We are St Paul, Virginia… We are a place of extraordinary natural beauty, where the pristine Clinch River serves as the lifeblood of our community. St Paul was founded along the banks of the Clinch in the center of a region filled with natural treasures, from our southern rolling hills, to the mountain peaks and coalfields of our north. Our history has moved with the gentle flow of the River, and our future is defined by the environmental riches the River continues to provide for us.

Oxbow Lake

We are a humble community that values our unique history. Our historic downtown reminds us of the early twentieth century booms, but our past goes much deeper. The earliest settlers came in the late 1700s, including French immigrants of noble blood escaping royal oppression, and they found sanctuary here. The moving nature of the Clinch fueled the vision of twin cities on its banks. While “Minneapolis” never developed, the community of St Paul grew and prospered. We were the gateway to the frontier, and the stories of our Western Front are legendary, where saloons gave rise to debauchery, fights, and even murder. The mischief of those early days is long gone, but the dynamic nature and pioneer spirit of our people remains.

We are the stewards of this glorious River, and the rich ecosystem that it feeds. As the ecological epicenter of Southwest Virginia, it is our charge to not just preserve what we have, but help it thrive. And we are doing that today, from the shores of Blue Bell Island, to the trails of Sugar Hill, from Oxbow Lake to Estonoa, which was once a virtual wasteland, but now serves not only a testament to our community’s resolve, but also the foundation of our future. The project is a national model, moving environmental education forward, and has become a part of our children’s lives, as well as a source of pride for our community.

We are St. Paul, and we are excited about our future. Our friends and neighbors are moving forward. We have a vision for our future, and are investing our blood, sweat, and tears in realizing that vision. And signs of success surround us, from the restored Hillman House to the Shelter at Market Square. We are the ecological hub of the region, and are set to become the economic hub as well, cultivating an entrepreneurial environment, and engaging persistent and passionate people that are known for getting things done, no matter what.
We invite you to come and visit us. Be our guest. Paddle our waters, and hike our trails. Soak in the nature that abounds and experience all the opportunities that make the Clinch River Valley the place where America Goes Outdoors.

St. Paul, Virginia, A Moving River Experience.

Spearhead Trails

Mountain View ATV Trail – St.Paul, VA

The Mountain View Trail System will take riders along the picturesque and mountainous landscape of Sandy Ridge, Honey Branch and Meade Creek. Phase includes approximately 75 miles of trail offering riding experiences for all skill levels from easy green trails to our more challenging black trails.

Phase two of the Mountain View system will connect to the town of Dante trailhead with access to proposed hiking and equestrian trails. Phase three will connect with the town of Coeburn giving the Mountain View System over 250 miles of trail.

A planned “community connector” near St. Paul will provide access to the town’s numerous retail, lodging and dining facilities. The Mountain View System spans three counties near the town of St. Paul. Alternate US Route 58 will provide access to both the trailhead and the Town of St. Paul.

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