Pound (Town)

The lush landscape of far Southwest Virginia reveals a special place where mountain music, a rushing river and deep family connections make for a warm welcome. It is also a place of progress, where a recent downtown revitalization has created a fresh look for the whole town. We invite you to explore this special place… We are Pound, Virginia, Where The Crooked Road bends!


The history of Pound goes back nearly two and a half centuries, when early settlers discovered an important gap along the Pound River that became a major trader route for the westward expansion of the United States. There are several theories behind the origin of the town’s name. Some believe the name comes from the “pounding” sound of horses and livestock being driven across the gap, while others believe the name comes from an early grist mill on the site where grain was “pounded” into flour. Today, many still refer to the community as “The Pound”.

Pound Reservoir

Outdoor Recreation

Pound is nestled in the heart of the Jefferson National Forest, where rugged types will find plenty of opportunities for camping, hunting and mountain biking adventures. For more relaxed folks, Pound Lake offers boating and fishing in a serene, placid environment.

Some Notable Residents

Glen Roberts (1912–1980) was a basketball star who played for Emory & Henry College, Emory, VA and held the national college scoring record from 1935-1949. He averaged 19 plus points per game in an era when game scores only averaged 30 to 35 points per game. Roberts was an All-American with his scoring featured in Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not.” His prolific scoring was in great part attributable to his being the first known basketball player to use a “jump shot.” He played professional ball for Firestone of the “National Basketball League.”

Former U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers and his family originated from Pound VA. Much of his family still resides in Pound. Born in neighboring Kentucky (due to proximity of hospitals) Francis Gary’s early years were spent living in Pound VA. His family moved for the sake of employment, to Michigan and then finally back to Grundy, VA.

Napoleon Hill (1883–1970), the American personal-success author of ‘Think And Grow Rich’ was born and grew up on the Pound River in Wise County, Virginia near the town of Pound.

Actor Tommy Lee Jones was arrested in this sleepy country town for intoxication and disorderly conduct. Jones was in the area filming the Michael David Apted movie, Coal Miner’s Daughter. Jones was allowed to cool off and returned to the movie set, but gave law enforcement officials a handful during his incarceration. The movie starred Sissy Spacek, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as country star Loretta Lynn in the 1980 film. The movie, Coal Miner’s Daughter, was filmed around Wise County and neighboring Letcher County, KY.